The establishing of the Government Centre for Security constitutes a significant step in building an effective and comprehensive system of crisis management – a system thanks to which it will be possible to prevent crises and, in case of their occurrance, to minimize their impact by taking professional actions.

Government Centre for Security is a supraministerial structure which aims to optimize and standardize the perception of threats by individual government departments, thereby increasing the degree of ability to cope with difficult situations by the competent services and public administration authorities.

The establishing of the Government Centre for Security will help to organize the functioning of the units responsible for crisis management, created pursuant to the provisions governing the functioning of public administration authorities in the event of natural disasters.

Conducting a comprehensive risk analysis, based on the data obtained from all possible ‘crisis centres’ within the public administration as well as based on the data from international partners, is considered to be the main and basic task of the Government Centre for Security.

In addition, developing optimal solutions to the emerging crisis situations as well as the coordination of the flow of information concerning the threats are also within the scope of the tasks of the Government Centre for Security.

The remaining tasks of the Centre are the following:

  • compiling the catalogue of threats;
  • monitoring of the potential threats;
  • launching of the crisis management procedures at the national level;
  • implementation of the planning and programming tasks in the field of crisis management and critical infrastructure protection;
  • supervision over the consistency of the crisis response procedures;
  • organising, conducting  and coordination of crisis management trainings and exercises as well as participation in national and international exercises;
  • preventing, counteracting and removing the consequences of terrorist acts;
  • international cooperation with the entities  and organisational units of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union in the field of crisis management.

The Centre shall ensure services to the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister, the Government Crisis Management Team and a minister competent for internal affairs within the scope of crisis management. Moreover, the Centre serves as a national centre for crisis management.

Government Centre for Security has been operating since the 2nd August 2008.

It was established under the Act of 26 April 2007 on Crisis Management (article 10). Currently, the organizational structure and operating mode of the Centre is regulated by a Regulation of the Prime Minister of 11 April 2011 on the organisation and operating mode of the Government Centre for Security.

It is a state budget unit subordinated to the Prime Minister.

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